Managed services refer to the outsourcing of in–house functions to third-party service providers. At the most basic level, a managed service provider (MSP) monitors and maintains customer assets on a regular basis. The changing businesses and increasing complexity of technology has made it critical to choose a team of experts that can manage one’s systems. 

With the help of our software/platform, Netix is equipped take the responsibility of continuously monitoring, managing and resolving the problems related to the functioning of systems within an establishment with an technological update to your management and; data collection, analysis and action. We ensure that all the difference system components function together smoothly, guaranteeing productivity and cost-effective operational ease. 

Reduced Energy Costs
Detailed Record Management
Reduced FM Costs; Optimized Manpower
Monitored Equipment Performance
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Extended Lifetime


At Netix Global, we are constantly rethinking and re-innovating the way enterprises function in terms of energy management, big data analytics, cloud computing, asset management and more to create and deliver solutions integrated with technology, efficiency and sustainability.

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