Managed services refer to the outsourcing of in-house functions to third-party service providers. At the most basic level, a managed service provider (MSP) monitors and maintains customer assets on a regular basis. Changing the business environment and the increasing regulatory requirements have made it critical for building owners and facility managers to choose a team of experts that can manage building systems. 

With the help of our bespoke software/platform, Netix is equipped to take on the responsibility of continuously monitoring, managing and resolving problems related to the functioning of building systems. We ensure that all system components function smoothly, optimizing productivity, improving life-cycle and easing operations. Our portfolio of advisory services provide:



Netix solutions are an aggregate of web-based solutions, supported by high-end software and Facility Management process automation.

Netixs' Managed Services for buildings guarantees optimization of cost and extended life of its assets. This service model ensures higher accessibility of information, predictable and sustainable asset management with unmatched customer satisfaction experience.



  • Improve tenant experience

  • Real-time tracking of assets

  • Intelligent and predictive analytics

  • Reduced asset maintenance costs

  •  Customized services for clients

  • Optimized resources

  • Evaluate performance and make informed investment decisions

  • Remote Centralized Management through iICCC

  • Mobile and Web-based applications


At Netix Global, we are constantly rethinking and re-innovating the way enterprises function in terms of energy management, big data analytics, cloud computing, asset management and more to create and deliver solutions integrated with technology, efficiency and sustainability.

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