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Uniview SUPRA Supervisor


Product Description

NETIX Uniview SUPRA is a versatile feature rich supervisory software built on the Niagara platform.  It is capable of integrating NETIX BACnet and Niagara controllers, third party devices and internet protocols into a centralized platform that is designed to manage buildings at an end user level.   It is used to supervise HVAC systems and other low current systems such as lighting, security, life safety in a building or across multiple buildings.

The Software serves real-time graphical information to standard web-browser clients and provides server level functions.   These functions include centralized data logging / trending, archiving to external databases, alarming, real time graphical displays, dash-boarding, system navigation, master scheduling, data-base management and integration with other enterprise software applications.  The Software also provides a comprehensive graphical tool-set for creating feature-rich user interfaces.

Features & Benefits 
  • Web Access

  • Real Time Graphical Display

  • Alarming

  • Connectivity

  • Scheduling

  • Centralized Data Logging

  • Audit

  • Navigation

  • Scripting/Logic

  • Plant Controller Support

  • Engineering

  • META Data Support (Tagging)

  • Documentation

  • Dash Boarding


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